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A Vision

February 6, 2015

It was a nice beautiful day Saturday morning. We had just finished a nice breakfast and decided to go play 18 holes at Fort Lee, Virginia.  While out on the course, we just couldn't stop thinking about how good it was to be out there with each other not only playing golf, but talking about the wonderful things that God was doing in each of our lives.  As we continued talking about the goodness of the Lord, we both stated how good it would be for more ment to come together and play and fellowship.  Well as I returned back home to Columbia, SC, the Lord put in my heart to move forward and try to get some men together and play golf.  It was not the typical golf outing I was looking for, but something where we can get away and talk about some issues, problems, experiences, and blessings amongst each other in a location made for relaxation.  It was then that God & Golf Fellowship came forward  and we set a date and location of Myrtle Beach, SC to meet and play for four days and four rounds on some of the finest golf courses on the southern coast.  We pray that this vision continues to grown and more men will come out and fellowship through the game of golf! 

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