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Third Year Times

September 12, 2017

This year was another year of wonderful fellowship and golf. We were blessed to have two new attendees this year with Mr. Clarence Tarry and Mr. Reginald Bryant, a father -son team out of North Carolina and Virginia. We had great weather this year for the most part besides the intial day where we were rained out. The fairways and greens were a little damp but we managed to have a great time and hit some good shots. Our locations changed this year as we decided to try other courses within the Myrtle Beach area. We played rounds at Azalea Sands, Possom Trot and Surf Club Resort & Golf Club. We unanomiously decided that Surf Club Resort & Golf Club was the premier out of them all. We also changed our lodging this year staying at the Ashworth Condos & Resorts. Overall it was a great time, closing it out with a great word from our very own Pastor Thomas Harrell. We are looking forward to next year and believing God that he will make it better and better each time. 





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