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Five and Alive

August 6, 2019

This year celebrated our fifth year as an organization and fourth year fellowshipping at North Myrtle Beach. We were elated to add a new member to our Board of Directors in Jackie McDonald. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the field of finance and will serve as our new Treasurer. He is a native of Oklahoma, retired First Sergeant (US Army) and resides in Killeen, TX with his wife and two kids. We are honored to have him with us. Our topic this year was "Kingdom Men" and what is the biblical definition of manhood as it relates to being the leaders in our homes. Stephone Berry gave a great message from 1 Timothy 3:1-5. We watched Tony Evans "Kingdom Men Rising" and had an inciteful discussion afterwards. This years tournament was great as we returned to our roots, Barefoot Golf and Resorts. As always, the courses were immaculate and greens rolled great. This years winner was Ronald Neely for the fourth time. He was heavily chased and challenged by Stephone Berry. The first round, Ronald shot a 85 and Stephone a 92. Stephone won the second and third rounds with a 87, 93 respectively but was unable to close on the six stroke lead. Thomas Harrell Jr. came in third with an average of 122 and Jackie McDonald closed out with a 124. The weather was great during the tournament with a few days of light showers. Overall, this years tournament was a success and we look forward to meeting and fellowshipping with each other next year. We hope you will join us! 





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