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Who We Are

     The God & Golf Fellowship Association is a nondenominational association of golfers that has been organized to promote and foster Christian fun, fellowship and common interests among golfers, and to evangelize by witnessing to golfing friends who may be nonbelievers. GGFA is an organization devoted entirely to encouraging and enhancing Christian fellowship among the many thousands of Christian men who love the game of golf. While our name implies Christians only, membership is not limited to just Christians. With such a wide proliferation of golf courses in the country and the massive number of people, both male and female, who have taken up the game, one of our primary goals is outreach and evangelism.

Core Values

     We believe that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary as the living Son of God. He was crucified on Calvary, died on the cross, was buried and arose on the third day. He sits at the right hand of God the Father, and dwells in us with his Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement

     The God & Golf Fellowship Association, as a nonprofit member funded, nondenominational association of golfers, is dedicated and committed to utilize the game of golf as a platform and vehicle for evangelizing, witnessing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with other golfing friends and acquaintances.










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