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Membership Creed:

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.  We are men of God, united in efforts to proclaim the word of God to all we encounter. We will utilize the game of golf as a platform to share and demonstrate the character of Jesus Christ.”


Membership Types:

MEMBER PRIVILEGES. For the duration of the Membership term, Member will receive certain benefits which may vary and are dependent upon the type of membership elected. These benefits are referred to as “Member Privileges” and GGFA reserves the right to modify Member Privileges at any time.

Charter Membership

  • Full membership with a permanent council voting status.

  • Must be an original member during the inception of the association or given an invitation.

  • Or be a continuously involved association member for over 5 years.

  • Must assist in future events and help grow the association.

  • Must maintain GGFA membership status.


Ace Membership

  • Full membership with full voting rights.

  • Must pay dues and fulfill responsibilities.

  • Can be nominated and elected by charter members.


Birdie Membership

  • Full membership without voting rights and with limited responsibilities.

  • Must pay dues and fulfill minimal responsibilities.

  • Entitled to full benefits and discounts.


Group Memberships

Special memberships with or without voting status for special groups that want assistance want input on course planning, and/or affiliation with the Association. Dues shall be established based on benefit, participation, and responsibility arrangement.




One-year membership in the God & Golf Fellowship Association.

Membership card with a permanent member number.

Priority registration for all GGFA-sponsored events.


Member Fees: 



Charter Members       $100

Ace                                       $65

Birdie                                 $36

Group                        $20 per person


*Dues should be paid in full upon member approval and each year by January 31st for that membership year.*

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